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About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Kno'Qoti Native Wellness, Inc. strongly believes that our culture is prevention. By strengthening our culture, Indigenous people gain the tools necessary to overcome adversity. 


It is our vision to create life-long impacts that enhance the quality of life for Tribal communities. We believe in empowering and supporting Native communities through programs and services that promote wellness, support families, and revitalize the Native American culture.

The Hard Truth

Indian youth have the highest rate of suicide among all ethnic groups in the US and is the second-leading cause of death for Native youth aged 15-24.​


1 out of 10 American Indians (12 and older) become victims of violent crime annually.


Only five percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives have received graduate or professional degrees, compared to 10 percent of the total population, and only nine percent of American Indians have earned bachelor’s degrees compared to 19 percent of the US population. 


The rate of aggravated assault among American Indians and Alaska Natives is roughly twice that of the country as a whole.

Doing Our Part

Today Native Americans face many challenges such as social inequality, life-threatening diseases, food insecurities, loss of culture, high rates of suicide, and more. 


It is our stance that culture and wellness are prevention! Through culture and wellness Native people gain a sense of belonging, self-value, and pride. Our struggles of the past and present do not define us; they are what unites us in the journey to wellness and healing.


The mission of Kno'Qoti Native Wellness, Inc. is to foster the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness of Native American's throughout Indian country.

We strive to build, strengthen, and sustain wellness in Native American communities through effective action and advocacy to ensure our Tribal Nations thrive in wellness for generations to come.

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